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Multi Platform ERP-CRM CORE GET STARTED KEY FEATURES OS: Mac OS X, Windows 7,8, and 10, Linux Ubuntu, Debian and RedHat

Deployable in Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also available on Chrome Web Store.

How it Works

We are developing a core UI and Server Side ERP-CRM platform that allows to rapidly build tailored modules on top of it. When we update the core, or add an integration all of our customers benefit from it

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Key Features

Native Multi-Platform

Compile for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Multilanguage and internalization

Build in thinking in multi language, and currencies.

Base on independ modules

Each module can grow/update indepently from the core

End User Support

We provide end user suppert for all the projects develop on top of Nizu Core.

Local offline database

Persistent database packed to the user app for faster UI and data build.


User's visual choice is key.

Native Integration Ready

The core ships native integration with famous services.

API Ready

You can make it talk with existing in-house software.

Open Source Ready

Customers can obtain a full source code of the platform and continue its development on their own

Check our Git activity

Fast deployment

We can publish your app in the main app stores(Apple, Microsoft and Ubuntu), so your users can download it and install it directly.



Production version will be running from 31 of October 2017 with one of our customers.

The platform is free of charge but in order to obtain it you need to order a SAS Project with us.

The code is open only for our customers, if they release it to the open is not up to us.

No, the reason is simple we understand that private companies as Microsoft, Google or Apple may change the directon or polices of their frameworks for that reason we base our software and its libraries in pure Open and Free(not as in free beer) Software mantained by a large community.

Speed, Local Hardware and Software access, a web app is constraint by the browser security and limitations, a native app ships all its UI and rendering power to the user workstation

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Soon Demo App available for Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

Also available on the .